Dungeon The Mechanar

World of Warcraft
The Burning Crusade
Dungeon: The Mechanar

This is a challenging dungeon. the loots are great for tanker, mainly plated armor from bosses!

Inside the entrance

Left or right corridor,
After clearing Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill,  toward the center
Stairway ...
 Mechano-Lord Capacitus
Up the stairway
Again the Gatewatcher Gyro-kill
The elevated lift to the upper floor
The tough and difficult final boss, the Nethermancer Sepethrea, with the fire element
TIPS: The elements target someone random and are immune to cc...
They leave a trail of fire behind them,, so don't step in it.
So if they target you, kite them around, they move slow.  Kite the elements around when they aggro on you and don't step in the fiery paths they leave.
That is: Don't let the fire things touch you and don't dps them. Just Dps the boss only.
Item loot from this boss: Jade-Skull Breastplate

The last boss, Pathaleon the Calculator... On the way..
sry no pictures yet! But, is quite easy to defeat.
Items loots: Beast Lord Helm, Tunic os Assassination.

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