Dungeon The Steamvault

World of Warcraft
The Burning Crusade
Dungeon The Steamvault

At the entrance, which is the starting point at the Western of dungeon
Inside the dungeon
Hydromancer Thespia, the boss at the North platform
Passage way to next boss
Mekgineer Streamrigger, the difficult boss
This scene taken from Steamvault Heroic at lvl72

Warlord Kalithresh, this final boss located at the far Eastern of dungeon
This scene taken from Steamvault Heroic at lvl72


Dungeon Utgarde Keep

World of Warcraft
Lich King Dungeon
Dungeon: Utgarde Keep

At the entrance
at the Furnace of Hate -

Dragonflayer Pens - Clearing the Enslaved Proto-Drake

The map of Utgrade Keep

Reavers' Hall - the boss, Prince Keleseth, The Sab'layn

Njorn Stair - stair way to roof top
Nidvar Stair  - the couple need to kill almost at the same time.

Tyr's Terrace
Tyr's Terrace, the boss Ingvar the Plunderer
Need to hide at pillar during his resurrect, otherwise ....

Some other scenes:


Howling Fjord, South, wallpapers

World of Warcraft, Northrend
Howling Fjord has a one of beautiful calender scenes, its rain-forest at South is nice for wallpaper.

Howling 31,34: Mining area
Howling 44,25: One of the mission will be given a helper to complete the quest.
Howling 44,25B: Another scene walking with pet and helper.
Howling 21,12: I like this sun set scene, gloomy just nice for wallpaper. Using Eagle Eye.
Howling 35,22: Another scene at water fall and river. Snapshot from Eagle Eye at the tip of tree.
Howling 40,59: One of the transportation, "cable car" take you to Island in the West.
Howling 41,54: Easy quest, on the dragonkin.
Howling 68,23: One of the escort quest, the humanoid tree.
Howling 40,36: One of quest require to steal bird's egg near the bottom of this big water fall. I like this snapshot too. Taken from the bridge.