Howling Fjord, South, wallpapers

World of Warcraft, Northrend
Howling Fjord has a one of beautiful calender scenes, its rain-forest at South is nice for wallpaper.

Howling 31,34: Mining area
Howling 44,25: One of the mission will be given a helper to complete the quest.
Howling 44,25B: Another scene walking with pet and helper.
Howling 21,12: I like this sun set scene, gloomy just nice for wallpaper. Using Eagle Eye.
Howling 35,22: Another scene at water fall and river. Snapshot from Eagle Eye at the tip of tree.
Howling 40,59: One of the transportation, "cable car" take you to Island in the West.
Howling 41,54: Easy quest, on the dragonkin.
Howling 68,23: One of the escort quest, the humanoid tree.
Howling 40,36: One of quest require to steal bird's egg near the bottom of this big water fall. I like this snapshot too. Taken from the bridge.

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