To reset the WoW game

For any hard-disk space issues, which may cause video black out, or computer hang during play. Performing a reset of the game to default may resolve such issues.

To trim to default files only, need to

go into the World of Warcraft folder, and delete the WTF, Cache, and Interface folders.

Another advantage is for easy portable. After deleted those reseting files, the folder will be lean, which enable to copy out to thumb drive or DVD. Which can be use to copy to another computer, or to perform reformat the hard-disk.

The ideas of reseting are reference from:


Dungeon Caverns of Time: pre quest

World of Warcraft
PreDungeon: The Escape From Durnholde

The quest can be only be taken when at level 66.

Tanaris 62,50 - Entrance of Caverns of Time, east side from center of Tanaris zone, hidden by few hills, need to explore.
Tanaris 65, 49: Speaking to Dragonkin, he will fly you to Caverns of Time.
Tanaris 57,45: Inside the Caverns of Time !
Tanaris 59,53: Inside the Caverns of Time
Entrance of dungeon ...
to continue next post ... > Dungeon: Caverns of Time, Taretha's Diversion

Dungeon Caverns of Time: Taretha's Diversion

World of Warcraft
The Burning Crusade
Dungeon: The Escape From Durnholde

2nd section, continue from above, Dungeon: Caverns of Time, pre quest.
Quest: Taretha's Diversion: is to set Ablaze of Internment Lodges using the Pack of Incendiary Bombs.

Get ready at entrance of dungeon ...
Flying with one of mate to Durnhole ...
At the entrance of Durnhole
Ground outside the Lodges
Ground outside the Lodges
on the mounts to another area, after set ablaze ...
at the bridge
entrance to the Keep
Quest done. Wait till all team mate ready, than taken another quest from Thrall.to continue next post  .. .>  Dungeon: Caverns of Time, Escape from Durnholde .

Dungeon Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde

World of Warcraft

The Burning Crusade
Dungeon: The Escape From Durnholde

3rd section, continue from above, Dungeon: Caverns of Time, Taretha's Diversion .
Escort quest: Escape from Durnholde, to fulfill Thrall's Destiny. This quest taken from inside the dungeon.

Escorted Thrall outside the Keep, than down to pavement.
Escorting Thrall at road outside Durnholde
Riding toward the Foothill
Thrall searching in one of the Huts of Tarren Mill
Searching in the Church
Searching in the Inn
Found her at upper floor
Ready to have another fight with Dragonkins
Winged Dragonkin
Quest done! Erozion said: "That spell should wipe their memories of us and what just happend. All they should remember now is what reality would be like without the attempted temporal interference. Well done. Thrall will journey on to find his destiny, and Taretha...
Tanaris 58,54: Quest: Return to Andormu: Return to the child Andormu at the Caverns of Time in Tanaris desert. This quest need to be out of dungeon, back to Tanaris, back to same place of inital quest on Cavern of Time