Dungeon Underbog

World of Warcraft
The Burning Crusade
Dungeon: Underbog

This dungeon is a great place to level up, able receive good rewards, especially for level 66 and lower. There are three bosses inside, good loots from them. Is a five person dungeon.

The Black Stalker, the first boss, easy taking.
2nd boss .....
The final obstacle, well we took sometime to bring him down.
Quest: Lost in Action. This quest from Watcher Jhang, at outside the dungeon.
This person Earthbinder Rayge which is part of the quest, is at the center of dungeon hidden at a corner, he will whisper at you, if you pass by. I almost miss him!
This shinning blue dagger is a reward received after returned the quest, Lost In Action. Just nice for my Rouge.


Starting zone of the Outland

World of Warcraft, Outland
Hellfire Peninsula is place where easy to level up, almost certain good rewards from quests.

Hellfire Peninsula: Beautiful sky scene, especially night.Hellfire Peninsula: You are being respect.
Hellfire Peninsula : Part of the quest.
Hellfire Peninsula: Flying across region.
Hellfire Peninsula:
Hellfire Peninsula: Free flying from the quests.