Travel from Silvermoon to Razor Hill

Whoever are not familiar the direction from Silvermoon to Orgrimmar, may check here.
Came across a Warlock asking for direction.

Warlock: Can someone please help me to get to Razor Hill?
The portal is deep inside the Court, top left of city, room called Inner Sanctum. Reference top center of map, just below the letter 'M'.
After clicked it, you will be "tranlocated" to entrance of UC.
Run north to outside UC.
Me: Outside UC, you have to take the Zepelin to Orgrimmar.
Warlock: Thats the part i am not to familiar with
Warlock: I think I know how to get to the Zeppelins
Warlock: How do i know which Zepplin to get on?
Check on the right dock for the Zeppelin to Durotar, Orgrimmar
Run South from Origmmar here, about 3 minutes to reach Razor Hill!
Warlock: Thank you so very much for taking time to help me, thats very kind of you :D
Me: no problem ...


At the Start of the game

World of Warcraft

Let's start with some pictures.....

Sunstrider Isle: That is the place where we start the game. Building new Avatar of Blood Elf.
Road to Falthrien Academy, part of the quest.....
Falthrien Academy, fantastic view from the top.
Beside the fountain of majestic Falconwing Square, there are interesting floating flower pots and plants.
Talk to the inn keeper of Falconwing Square. This is the place whereby the Avatar rest, and log out the game.
To be continue ...