How to travel from Eastern Kingdoms to Kalimdor

When working around at the auction house in Silvermoon, this miss bloodelf came over and asking for direction to Orgrimar.

I believe quite a number of new toons, especially bloodelves got no ideas how to get out of north Eastern Kingdoms. They have cleared all the quests at this level, but since to be stuck there and found some difficult to know the way out from Silvermoon.

Hence, this post will give a very brief guide on routes travel from city to city.
only for new toon of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade,  and is unable to owe a flying mount yet.

  • Horde travels from city to city
  • Eastern Kingdoms
  •  Silvermoon City
  •       Portal to
  •  The Undercity
  •       Zeppelin (flying boat) to
  • Kalimdor
  •  Orgrimar, city
  •       Zeppelin to
  • Thunder Bluff , city

  • Alliance travels from city to city
  • Eastern Kingdoms
  •   Ironforge, city
  •        Deeprun Tram
  •   Stormwind, city
  •        Boat travel to
  • Kalimdor
  •   Darnasus, city
  •        Boat travel to
  •   The Exodar, city

A brief description:

If you are Horde at
Eastern Kingdoms,
portal located at top of map
The portal
and if you are at Silvermoon City, at the direct north-west of the left city, there is a portal, which can port to The Undercity. 

From there can start the journey to anywhere of the game play.
Zeppelin, the flying boat!

Running out of the Undercity, short distance to the north, there are two towers of Zeppelin. Use the right tower, which has two Zeppelins'  either to Orgrimar which will lead to Kalimdor, or to Stranglethorn Vale, check the flight masters.

After touch down the city of Orgrimar, there also another Zeppelin at the same platform, which will fly to Thunder Bluff, another city for the Horde, again check the guides or flight masters at this platform.

If you are Alliance at
Eastern Kingdoms
and, if you are inside the Ironforge, 
Inside Stormwind with pet
inside the north east zone of the city, there is this Deeprun Tram, which have mono-rails to travel to city of Stormwind.

At Stormwind, and all the way north at the Stormwind Harbor, use the boat at the first jetty to travel to Kalimdor,

The boat will dock at Teldrassil which near to Darnasus. Just slightly north there is this portal to port into this Nightelve city.

Beside this boat jetty, there is another jetty nearby, which will boat to Azuremyst Isle, coast line to the city, The Exodar.

Or at nearby, can use the free flying mount to Ashenvale.

A little confuse? Nvm, just ask around, LOL!