Archmage Alturus

World of Warcraft

Completed the chained quests, reputation with The Violet Eye can increase at least 400.

Archmage Alturus
Located at Deadwind Pass 47,75

Those who do not has the co-odinate, can check out the macro from this blog, Map Position, X-Y coordinate, .blogspot.com/2011/03/map-position-x-y-coordinate.html.

I did these quests for the Horde, yet to check out on the Alliance.

Chained Quests:
1. Quest: Archmage Alturus
Speak to Archmage Alturus outside of Karazhan in Deadwind Pass.

Archmage Alturus, located at Deadwind Pass 47,75

2. Quest: Arcane Disturbances
Use the Violet Scrying Crystal when near the sources
Entrance of Underground at Deadwind Pass 48,78. In the underground travel to the south at 53,90, there is the well.

Entrance of Underground at Deadwind Pass 47,78,  the Underground Pond Reading is at 43,79

3. Quest: Restless Activity
10/10 Ghostly Essence
: Just kill and get the essences from the ghost nearby

After returned quests, the next quest will be
4. Quest: Contact From Dalaran
Bring Alturus's Report to Archmage Cedric
Archmage Cedric at Alterac Mountains 15,54, the Dalaran Crater

5. Quest: Khadgar
Deliver Alturus's Report to Khadgar in Shattrath City
Khadgar locate at Shattrath City, 54,44

6. Quest: Entry Into Karazhan
This is a dungeon quest, Shadow Labyrinth

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