Dungeon The Black Morass

World of Warcraft
The Burning Crusade
Dungeon: Opening of the Dark Portal

The dungeon may unlock after done the Cavern of Time's quests.
There is new quest inside dungeon, from Sa'at.
Quest : The Opening of the Dark Portal - Sa'at inside the Black Morass of the Caverns of Time has tasked you with defending Medivh until he succeeds in opening the Dark Portal.

Getting ready!
Scene of clearing the ground before the real kills.
"starting it off!"
Rift Keeper
There are status/timer on top of screen, stated such as:
Medivh's Shield Remaining: 100%;
Time Rifts Opened: 3/18.

Wallpaper scene posed near the Black Portal.Rift Lord

Chrono Load Deja
Return quest to Sa'at. Will be direct you to Andormus at Tanaris desert to collect reward.
Tanaris 58,54 - Andormu, he rewards you with powerful blue finger ring !

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