Grizzly Hills scenery

World of Warcraft

Grizzly Hills has the beautiful scenery, locate at the eastern of Northrend, is for Level 73 - 75. Furblogs are the native and represent the largest culture.
The place is full of soft and peace scenery, and easy travel and questing. Snapshots taken when i was Druid at Level 77. i often use some of these scene as my wallpaper! The main inn, The Amerpine Lodge is at western center.

Grizzly 26,77: Volrune, at south of Amerpine Lodge where the Flamebinger the dragon are, surrounded by erect towers, amd partol by level 73 Humanoids.Grizzly 28,71: Voldrune Dwelling, inside the ground of one of the tower.
Grizzly 35,67: Grizzly Hills, the cross road toward Volrune
Grizzly 13,60: Ruins of Drak'Zin, at western edge of the zone, the pieces of broken torned structures, surround with beasts and humanoids 72-73
Grizzly 34, 37: Blue Sky Logging Grould, at north, near Zul'drak : The Alliance or the Horde area, the Valance Expedition.
Grizzly 33,38: Vordrassil's Limb, the one of the tree trunk, directly north of Amerphine Lodge.

some others photos transfered from PC.
Grizzly 31,59
Grizzly 17,68
Grizzly 34,53
Grizzly 33,60
Grizzly 35,51
Grizzly 35,33
Grizzly 44,48
Grizzly 44,47
Some nice scenes from south of Grizzly Hills

Grizzly 74,59
Grizzly 80,34
Grizzly 81,60

Grizzly 85,28
Grizzly 75,61
Grizzly 76,57
Grizzly 74,48
Grizzly 76,57
Grizzly 76,48

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