Dungeon Underbog

World of Warcraft
The Burning Crusade
Dungeon: Underbog

This dungeon is a great place to level up, able receive good rewards, especially for level 66 and lower. There are three bosses inside, good loots from them. Is a five person dungeon.

The Black Stalker, the first boss, easy taking.
2nd boss .....
The final obstacle, well we took sometime to bring him down.
Quest: Lost in Action. This quest from Watcher Jhang, at outside the dungeon.
This person Earthbinder Rayge which is part of the quest, is at the center of dungeon hidden at a corner, he will whisper at you, if you pass by. I almost miss him!
This shinning blue dagger is a reward received after returned the quest, Lost In Action. Just nice for my Rouge.

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