Howling Fjord, North, wallpapers

World of Warcraft, Northrend
My fabourite wallpaper scenes from North of Howling Fjord. Most snapshots taken from Hunter's Eagle Eye, ability to zooms in a hunters view. Used as camera point for some of snapshots. is neat!

Howling 58,8: Another wallpaper scene took from the North
Howling 58,8B: This another wallpaper scene at North of Howling Fjord. The ability of hunter able to place your 'Eye' to as far as possible!
Howling 59,9: Posing at One of the resting place.
Howling 61,2: Making a "clone" of you, the Your Inner Turmoil. Part of the quest.
Howling 61,2b: A quiet scene, from North of Howling Fjord
Scene outside the lake, in the North
I, hunter posed with pet at one of backdrop of pine trees. Snapshot from the top of tree, using hunter' Eagle Eye. Click!

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