Dragonblight: South snapshots

World of Warcraft
Northrend, Dragonblight: South snapshots:
Venture into Southern DragonBlight. At the centre is the Wyrmrest Temple, the resting place.

The spirit in Moonrest Gardens at Southern East.
Glittering Strand, castle with lightings.
The border between the green and white!
Done this quest, about witnessed the passed history on the conversation between the King and the Generals, at the place call Crusader's Landing in the South. Interesting!
Dragonblight Wallpaper
Dragonblight 63,71:This greeny place at Emerald Dragonshrine, southern end directly from Wyrmrest Temple.
Dragonblight 63,71: Giantic friendly sleeping dragon at Emerald Dragonshrine. No quest from this dragon.

Saving comrade to the WintergradeKeep,  this is the experience for those without a mount to try on flying mount from the quest. 

Northrend, Dragonblight: others snapshots:

One of the quest to sit and control the robot,  fun! at DragonBLight 54,23

There are few quests inside the fire cave at the north west side of DragonBlight 35, 40.

For the Horde, One of the quest taken that convert the popular inn of Agmar's Hammer become a dead town.   At Dragonblight 36,47

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