Dragonblight: In-game Movie

World of Warcraft
One of the in-game cinematic at Fordragon Hold.
Need to complete chain quests to watch this, quest giver from Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, at Wyrmrest Temple, center of Dragonblight.
I done this as Alliance, got no idea that the Horde can take this quest.

Traveling from Wyrmrest Temple.
at the top of Wyrmrest Temple, where Alexstrasza is. The dragon will fly you up from below!
Wyrmrest Temple ...
DragonHold: pre-quest. Before it burned, the ground was filled with scourges and ...
Dragonblight 37,19: Fordragon Hold was situated at North West: Behind the dragon are the quest given. After the cinematic movie quest, the background is different from beginning.
Dragonblight 37,19: Scene from In-game cinema. Quite a duration and exciting movie! worth watching!
Dragonblight 38,22: Another burning scene at Fordragon Hold, post-quest.

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