How to travel from Eastern Kingdoms to Kalimdor

When working around at the auction house in Silvermoon, this miss bloodelf came over and asking for direction to Orgrimar.

I believe quite a number of new toons, especially bloodelves got no ideas how to get out of north Eastern Kingdoms. They have cleared all the quests at this level, but since to be stuck there and found some difficult to know the way out from Silvermoon.

Hence, this post will give a very brief guide on routes travel from city to city.
only for new toon of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade,  and is unable to owe a flying mount yet.

  • Horde travels from city to city
  • Eastern Kingdoms
  •  Silvermoon City
  •       Portal to
  •  The Undercity
  •       Zeppelin (flying boat) to
  • Kalimdor
  •  Orgrimar, city
  •       Zeppelin to
  • Thunder Bluff , city

  • Alliance travels from city to city
  • Eastern Kingdoms
  •   Ironforge, city
  •        Deeprun Tram
  •   Stormwind, city
  •        Boat travel to
  • Kalimdor
  •   Darnasus, city
  •        Boat travel to
  •   The Exodar, city

A brief description:

If you are Horde at
Eastern Kingdoms,
portal located at top of map
The portal
and if you are at Silvermoon City, at the direct north-west of the left city, there is a portal, which can port to The Undercity. 

From there can start the journey to anywhere of the game play.
Zeppelin, the flying boat!

Running out of the Undercity, short distance to the north, there are two towers of Zeppelin. Use the right tower, which has two Zeppelins'  either to Orgrimar which will lead to Kalimdor, or to Stranglethorn Vale, check the flight masters.

After touch down the city of Orgrimar, there also another Zeppelin at the same platform, which will fly to Thunder Bluff, another city for the Horde, again check the guides or flight masters at this platform.

If you are Alliance at
Eastern Kingdoms
and, if you are inside the Ironforge, 
Inside Stormwind with pet
inside the north east zone of the city, there is this Deeprun Tram, which have mono-rails to travel to city of Stormwind.

At Stormwind, and all the way north at the Stormwind Harbor, use the boat at the first jetty to travel to Kalimdor,

The boat will dock at Teldrassil which near to Darnasus. Just slightly north there is this portal to port into this Nightelve city.

Beside this boat jetty, there is another jetty nearby, which will boat to Azuremyst Isle, coast line to the city, The Exodar.

Or at nearby, can use the free flying mount to Ashenvale.

A little confuse? Nvm, just ask around, LOL!


Dungeon entrance Classic

World of Warcraft
Entrance (Instance) to dungeon, classic.

The following are the classic dungeon location, the entry prior to the dungeons with pictures and maps.
All pictures may click to enlarge to its original size for clearer ideas and location.Macro for map location, may check at    .../2011/03/map-position-x-y-coordinate.html

1. Ragefire Chasm
This dungeon at the Central Kalimdor, in the city of Orgrimmar, and inside the Cleft of shadow. Noted that this is horde territory.

2. The Deadmines
At the southern village of Westfall, Eastern Kingdoms. Need to enter from one of the building, southern village, locate 42,71. Through the dark wooden platform to underground quarry, navigate along the rail. The entrance of dungeon can be seen from the bridge.
X-Y location: The Deadmines 39,77.

3. The Wailing Caverns
The entrance to the cave start at the Northen Barrens 39,70, Kalimdor.  View from far, the cave look like a submerged skull. The entrance is from the nose, while there may some quests from either one of the two eyes.
Travel north and keep at the left side in the cave, need swim through pond, will reach a internal oasic, the entrance of dungeon at The Wailing Caverns 42,66.

4. Shadowfang Keep
At the south of Silverpine Forest 48,70, Eastern Kingdoms.

5. Blackfathom Deeps
 The entrance from The Zoram Strand, northern west Ashenvale 14,15, Northern Kalimdor.
Jumps into the basin of north structure or shelter.
 Swim north west below water to reach the start of cave, Travel east path, and south, till reach the flag, then keep left, and at short distance turn to dungeon.  Dungeon located at Blackfathorn Deeps 16,11.

6. The Stockade
Kingdom of Azeroth, inside the city of Stormwind, alliance territory. Located at 53,71

7. Razorfen Kraul
Located at Southern Barrens 42,94, Kalimdor. The entrance is at the other end of the corridor.

8. Gnomeregan
Dun Morogh 32,37 is in the compound west side of Ironforge, Eastern Kingdoms, may travel along the road to reach there.
There is lift to below deck, navigate to the left side, and travel west ward along the corridor, the dungeon is at the end of corridor, at Dun Morogh 25,36

9. Razorfen Downs
Located at Thousand Needles 41,26, The Barrens, Kalimdor. The entrance is at the other end of the shelter

10. Scarlet Monastery
Tirisfal Glades 81,39, north of Eastern Kingdoms. Located inside this monastery, there are four entrances to difference dungeons; namely Graveyard, Library, Armory, and Cathedral. Two portals, and two metal doors. Entry through metal doors, required keys drops from inside the portals dungeons.
Need to caution that when fight into Cathedral, clear all enemies and make the boss last to kill, or else, all will aggro.

11. Uldaman
Khaz Modan, this dungeon in the cave at the north of Badlands, Eastern Kingdoms. The entry of cave at Badlands 44,11.
The dungeon is direct west from entry of the cave. Need to go toward inner cave to reach.
Location: Badlands 34,11.

12. Zul'Farrak
Zul'Farrak entrance from north west of Tanaris, 39,22. Southen Kalimdor

13. Maraudon
Located at western side of Desolace 30,62 of The Barrens, Kalimdor,  entrance of cave is a lion shaped building, click the metal doors to open.
The paths inside the cave is almost direct, go north through the stature guided gate, the entrance to the dungeon is the glowing portal, at Maraudon 29,60.

14. The Temple of Atal'Hakkar
Travel to the eastern of Swamp of Sorrows, Eastern Kingdoms, enter from building at the central of pond, locate at 67,58. Stairs down, through underwater, the entrance guided by few mods.

15. Blackrock Depths
Travel inside the Blackrock Mountain can be from west of Burning Steppes 21,40, Eastern Kingdoms. or,
 from south of Searing Gorge 34,83, both ways travel through think metal gate.

Entrance to the cave prior to dungeon. If has flying mount, can be enter the cave at 32,97, or end of the lower chain. If without flying need to travel along the top chain, navigate the center room, and down from the lower chain. Then, in the cave navigate to the north, the entrance of dungeon at 25,74.

16. Blackrock Spire

Entry to Black Mountain, see above,   15. Blackrock Depths.

Start from inside the Blackrock Mountain
The entry is from the main roundabout corridor at 23,30, there is meeting stone. Then navigate to the top. If with the flying mount, entry can be direct from the Molten Span, face NorthEast, dungeon can be seen in the middle window.
Dungeon location: Blackrock Mountain 24,25

17. Dire Maul

Dire Maul Dungeon is a big area, and with few entrances. It is situated at the central of Feralas, can start from Feralas 59,44, Kalimdor  into the ruin.
Right inside the dungeon there are few levels, namely, Gordok Commons, Capital Gardens, Court of the Highborne, Prison of Immol'Thar, Warpwood Quarter, and The Shrine of Eldretharr.
Entrance at the eastern side of the ruin, located Feralas 64,30, which will port into west of Warpwood Quarter, and the
entrance into Capital Gardens is from the western side of the ruin, just opposite the above entrance. map: Dire Maul 60,30: 
At the northern of the ruin, there is the entrance into the Scordok Commons. Map: Dire Maul 61,25.
Another located at the south, at the east end of the corridor, Feralas 65,36. which will lead into south of Warpwood Quarter.

Another odd entrance is located far east from the ruin, Feralas 77,37, north of Camp Mojache. There is this  shrine shaped, start from the metal gate at the drain which lead into dungeon, east of Warpwood Quarter, but need key to open, drop from inside this dungeon.

18. Scholomance
At the Western Plaguelands, Easterm Kingdoms. Just at the left side of the entry of armory building, is metal door, which is the entrance.

19. Stratholme
Is located at the Eastern Plaguelands 26,14, Lordaeron, north of Eastern Kingdoms.
Need to note that, if entry from the front, which is only entrance, can only exit from another location, Eastwall Gate, which also is entrance, Eastern Plaguelands 43,21, but provided has the key, which drop from inside dungeon.