Blade's Edge Mountains

World Of Warcraft
This zone is surrounded by forest of stone spike, travel across rocked bridges and through tunnels, is fun to explore.

BladesEdge 38,68: South West, first stop after the entrance to this zone. Snapshot was taken near The Living Grove the Alliance rest point.
BladesEdge 50,61: Jagged Ridge, travel path toward the Horde's Thunderlord Stronghold at the central.
BladesEdge 51,59: Thunderlord Stonghold, the Horde territory at Blade's Edge Mountain.
BladesEdge 82,28: The Broken Wilds. This picture shown bridge filled with floating rocks. The bridge is toward Netherland..
BladesEdge 53,42: At the Circle of Blood, just north of Thunderlord Stronghold.
BladesEdge 62,38: Evergrove, the resting place for both Alliance and Horde.
BladesEdge 64,33: Veil Ruuan, North East of Evergrove.
BladesEdge 65,68: the place call Death's Door, is a good place to level up by killing those monsters! The picture shown two-header hound!
BladesEdge 75,64: near the Mok'Nathal Village. At the East, slightly south.
BladesEdge 76,75: Vekhaar Stand, near the South East edge.
BladesEdge 58,47: This is a easy quest, and don't require to kill this monster.;.. Just give him .... This place at Cursed Hollow, just North East of Thunderlord Stronghold.


The only Horde in Teldrassil

World of Warcraft
Hunter Tauren in enemy ground, quite a worry that the whole group of Alliance forces will come to the attack.
my journey begin from Auberdine, centre of Darkshore.

After observing from outside Auberdine, near the beach for there are no Alliance gamers, and as soon as the boat reached the dock, than make a quick run into Auberdine ignoring those guide attacking, thru the inn, jetty, and straight to the boat. At this moment, need to avoid those guides, keep a distance so as they don't detect you, stay at the corner of the boat till the boat leave.

Jumps off before reach Teldrassil dock, Rut'Theran Village. See when situation is ready, port into the portal to Darnassus city.

Inside the City, run left, as there will be less guides, running near the edge, pass Cenarion Enclave, pass Craftmens Terrace, and over the Wall Gate.
There I am, able to roam around Teldrassil!
Quite a surprise is quite easy to get into Teldrassil at this level 66, and may be at a time whereby less enemy gamers.The pictures shown in Dolanaar.
Quite an achievement, able to get through the enemy city without a fight, independence and especially to a novice gamer !