Blade's Edge Mountains

World Of Warcraft
This zone is surrounded by forest of stone spike, travel across rocked bridges and through tunnels, is fun to explore.

BladesEdge 38,68: South West, first stop after the entrance to this zone. Snapshot was taken near The Living Grove the Alliance rest point.
BladesEdge 50,61: Jagged Ridge, travel path toward the Horde's Thunderlord Stronghold at the central.
BladesEdge 51,59: Thunderlord Stonghold, the Horde territory at Blade's Edge Mountain.
BladesEdge 82,28: The Broken Wilds. This picture shown bridge filled with floating rocks. The bridge is toward Netherland..
BladesEdge 53,42: At the Circle of Blood, just north of Thunderlord Stronghold.
BladesEdge 62,38: Evergrove, the resting place for both Alliance and Horde.
BladesEdge 64,33: Veil Ruuan, North East of Evergrove.
BladesEdge 65,68: the place call Death's Door, is a good place to level up by killing those monsters! The picture shown two-header hound!
BladesEdge 75,64: near the Mok'Nathal Village. At the East, slightly south.
BladesEdge 76,75: Vekhaar Stand, near the South East edge.
BladesEdge 58,47: This is a easy quest, and don't require to kill this monster.;.. Just give him .... This place at Cursed Hollow, just North East of Thunderlord Stronghold.

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