Questing in the Island call Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isle

World of Warcraft

Azuremyst 49,12: The big hound call The Kurken, she can be tamed by Hunter. Insde the cave of Stillpine HoldAzuremyst 47,14: Slained the breast named Chieftain Oomooroo
Bloodmyst 68,57: The fishtail humanoid called Load Xiz.
Bloodmyst 85,54: This status is at top of the little Isle, Bloodcurse Isle at the east of Bloo,dmyst Isle.
Bloodmyst 18,61: Hanging spell at the red pool at west of Bloodmyst Isle, at The Vector Coil.
Exodar 38-62: Back to city of the Exodar, playing with riding mount.

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