Dungeon Manatomb: quest - Safety is Job done

World of Warcraft
The Burning Crusade

The quest "Safety is Job done" need to complete within the ManaTomb dungeon.

This quest best is after killing the last Boss, than click the Transporter control to complete. The floating cube shown in picture above. This will lead to escort quest.
Escort Quest: Someone Else's Hard Work Pays Off
During the escort, go through four obstacle/killings.
Scene of 2nd obstacle
Scene of 3rd obstacle
Interesting, this is resting place for about 30seconds.
Scene of final kills!
TerokkarForest 39,58: Quest done, returning quest to the quest giver just outside the dungeon of Manatomb in Terokkar Forest, Outland.
Unfortunately , the rewards is not suitable for my Rouge.


Dungeon Manatomb

World of Warcraft
The Burning Crusade
Heroic dungeon: Mana-Tombs

Dungeon Manatomb: hall wayDungeon Manatomb: The little beast of Mana Leeches are the real killer!
Dungeon Manatomb: Defeated the first boss
Dungeon Manatomb: Clearing for final boss
Dungeon Manatomb: Defeated the final boss